We have a vision, that the technology sector will no longer be known for being a male-dominated industry. It is no secret that there is still a significant gender imbalance in the technology world and even more so in finance. There is a lot of conversation surrounding this topic, and gender inequality is finally starting to get some traction, but there is still so much more that needs to be done to make this essential change happen sooner.

Why do we care?

Gender Data London 2020 – LinkedIn Insights

Women Male
Big Data Architect 16% 84%
Cloud Engineer 13% 87%
Data Scientist 26% 74%
Devops Engineer 12% 88%
Quantitative Researcher 16% 84%
Security Architect 8% 92%
Security Engineer 7% 93%
Site Reliability Engineer 10% 90%
Software Architect 9% 91%
Software Category Manager 13% 87%
Software Engineer 16% 84%
Solution Architect 12% 88%

“17% of Senior FinTech roles are held by women.”
Deloitte report

“5% of FinTech companies are founded by women.”
Deloitte report

“Diverse teams are more productive teams. Research by McKinsey found that gender diversity boosts financial returns by 15%.”

“Less than 30% of the FinTech UK workforce are women”

In the 2019 Top 25 FinTech CTOs article, 2/25 were women.
The Financial Technology Report

“There are no sectors in the UK economy where women are paid the same as men.”
The FT.com

For almost all roles across our sector, we see that for every application made by a woman there is 30+ men applying for the same position. Therefore, in almost all cases women candidates will not be successful simply due to the law of probability. We are committed to being the very best at what we do, which is to build out the best technology and quant teams for our partners. Research has proven that diversity within a team greatly enhances that team’s success – transforming a good team into a high performing one. We strongly believe that different perspectives provide dynamic conversation and diverse thinking and from that, develops the best results. Therefore, our mission to strengthen our clients’ technology teams is also one to diversify them.

Our Stats & Facts

We have hired the highest number of women out of any recruitment agency, into three global top tier investment banks, two years running.

Due to our reputation and industry expertise, we have been brought onto multiple preferred agency lists to specifically address the existing gender imbalance for many of our clients.

We have hired more women into one of the world’s leading financial service providers than any other agency in 2019.

We secure 100s of interviews for women within the technology sector every year.

We attend and support monthly women-in-technology events.

Our current team comprises of 48% women. We continuously work on our hiring strategies to ensure we reach a diverse pool of candidates.

How do we do this?

Throughout our experience, we have worked with a wide portfolio of companies which has exposed us to 100’s of different recruitment methods and strategies. We are also regular attendees at a variety of women-in-technology meetups, giving us a better understanding of the challenges faced by candidates in today’s market. Recognising the obstacles that both women applicants and companies face, has equipped us to continually provide unique and effective solutions for our clients to attract and retain the best women candidates for their teams.

With our understanding of technology and project delivery, we can quickly distinguish the ‘must have’ skills vs. the ‘nice to haves’. Through this, coupled with our unrivalled client relationships we can open the candidate pool further, to include those who our clients may not normally have considered for the role. These candidates often bring with them a vital new perspective and ways of working, which our clients recognise as being key to strengthening teams.

We regularly advise our partners on their interview and hiring process, team structure, salary/benefits benchmarking and progression plans, to ensure that they can secure enough women from the very start of their recruitment process. Through this advice, our partners have been able to interview a much higher percentage of women for any given position. This ultimately leads to more successful placements for women in the workplace than they otherwise would have achieved through their traditional methods.

What we promise our clients

A partnership approach providing advice and a tailored, streamlined recruitment process based on the role, candidate seniority and timescale requirements.

We will never put a candidate forward for a role unless we are confident they will be a good fit for our client and equally a good career move for our candidate.

CV delivery within 24-48 hours following a full role briefing and discussion with your account manager.

Regularly providing more women candidates for your positions, than any other agency partner, as proven by our track record.

Where requested, guaranteeing an agreed number of strong women candidates for each role.

Honest timescale estimates from the moment we take on the role, to a successful placement.