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Roxy Harrington – Operations & Inclusion Manager

I am at the forefront of our Women In Technology and Inclusion Initiative – #SBWomenInTech. We’re partnering with like-minded organisations, collecting data and viewpoints to better understand, and tackle the issue of gender imbalance within the Technology and Finance sector.

Armed with this insight and knowledge, we are pioneering long-term solutions for, not only our clients and partners, but the sector as a whole to push towards an equal gender balance within the sector sooner.


Maxime Percheron – Consultant

As a female recruiter in the Technology and Finance industry, the gender imbalance within the industries is hard to miss. I am determined to use my position to make a real difference to support the women in our networks and have their voices heard.

I am proud to be a #SBWomenInTech Ambassador, putting me at the forefront of the movement helping to elevate the women in our sectors. I want to make a positive impact on this increasing issue by helping future women talent reach their career goals and progress to their full potential.


Andrew Herbert – Consultant

Having specialised within Technology & Finance, I have spoken with many people who have experienced all sorts of different challenges over the years and I’ve spoken to a lot of people who share the same energy for inclusion as I do but many organisations end up falling short. It’s been great to see that most are trying to make a change, but many lack the right quality of information to go about it in the best way.

As a #SBWomenInTech Ambassador, I focus on gaining and providing important insights through collecting market data to help this initiative and encouraging information-sharing. We hope to drive the industry forwards to a more informed, more inclusive and more inspired sector. I believe it’s important to take an open and transparent approach so that meaningful inclusion can be achieved.


Sam Haydon – Consultant

To be a #SBWomenInTech Ambassador means leading the way in bringing a greater balance to the Technology and Finance industries. Along with our partners and our network, we aim to inspire and educate the next generation of women through thought-provoking forums and coaching sessions.

Diversity is proven to stimulate innovation across all walks of life and arguably most in the workplace. Every different background brings a different perspective and by bringing these together we can form novel ideas on a far regular basis.

We have already seen great success with our clients in promoting the change in attitude regarding diversity. This is not about making the world arbitrarily equal but promoting the benefits of diverse thought – our first initiative is immediately addressing a key imbalance in our industry and this is just the start.


Lily Wolahan – Consultant

Having come from a background in Engineering, I was fully aware of the disparity when it came to women studying STEM subjects. However, it wasn’t until I joined Stanford Black and I grew to understand the market, that the scale of the issue became apparent – particularly the lack of gender diversity when it comes to software engineering.

Over the past few years, I have been speaking to women and men in the market on a daily basis, trying to gain an understanding as to the reasons why there is such a disparity and then working to ensure the best diverse talent in the market has the opportunity and the support they deserve.

I am particularly passionate about addressing issues such as the gender pay gap, flexibility in the workplace for things such as remote working and parental leave, as well as building diverse teams and I hope my position as a #SBWomenInTech Ambassador will help make a real difference.


George Cox – Consultant

The gender diversity imbalance in Technology and Finance is becoming an ever growing and talked about subject today. Numerous studies have shown that diverse teams are high-performing teams. Throughout my career so far, I have very quickly found out about the struggles women face on a daily basis, whether it be regarding their salary, leading a team, or getting promoted to name just a few. This is inevitably causing the problem we face that for every application made by a women over 30 men apply for the same role.

I’m excited to be part of a mission that will help women not only progress their careers and that of others around them, but one that will also encourage more women into technology. I truly believe technology has advanced society exponentially in recent years due to diversity and something more needs to be done to encourage more into this sector so that these advancements don’t slow down.


Seb Coughlin – Consultant

Working in the Technology and Finance markets has shone a light on the huge disparity between the number of men and women in the industry. To me, it’s an unbelievable statistic that only around 15% of all software engineers across London are women, and more needs to be done to balance this out, to create a truly gender-diverse workplace. I’m excited to have the opportunity as a #SBWomenInTech to play a small part in affecting real change here.


Sadaa Gurung – Consultant

Diversity and Inclusion can mean a lot of different things to many different people. Personally, I see it as something necessary to level the playing field and ensure equal opportunities for all. I’ve always found that I’m inspired by women and men who work in a partnership together to inspire and educate others on important topics such as gender diversity.

While it’s incredible to have a group of women alongside me, it’s equally as exciting to have men beside us to take strides in this initiative as a team. As a woman in a largely male-dominated industry, diversity and inclusion for all is something I’m incredibly passionate about. Being a #SBWomenInTech Ambassador is a step towards stimulating the conversation of equal opportunities for all, and making a change in the rhetoric around this discussion, as well as being part of the change.

At Stanford Black, our main aim is to open the conversation through curiosity and intent and cause a shift in mindset in the industry. I am fortunate enough to be part of a company that has built up a network and has strong partnerships in order to be successful in this mission.