Software Development

One of our true passions: Linux / Unix and Windows. The top coders, programmers, software engineers and architects are in high demand due to the huge shift in the importance of software development and systems. Technology now gives businesses of all shapes and sizes a competitive edge if they harness the technology in the right way. In the 21st century clients are demanding high performance platforms to help solve their business problems, which can be directly linked to profitability and growth. We specialise in C++, Java and .Net

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Agile / DevOps

We love building Agile tech teams and have been doing it for 15 years, we like to think it’s one of our real specialities. The Agile and DevOps movement is stronger than ever; backed by craftsmanship philosophies and a great tech community in London it’s safe to say this passionate way of building software is believed by many.  We appreciate Agile isn’t for everyone but there’s more and more companies adopting these practices and philosophies and more and more developers believing in it!

We help our clients source the best TDD,BDD,DDD,ATDD and XP programmers in the city.  As well as building super technical DevOps teams for or clients continuous integration and automation needs. If you love Agile, best practices and testing and have that deep Agile philosophy of how software should be built, scaled, maintained and tested we can connect you with likeminded engineers to help build something great!

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One of the most exciting and rapidly developing technologies. We are working directly with the leading names in Big Data to expand our network and fully understand the future of this important space. Our clients are looking to make sense of their vast amounts of data in an economically-viable way, which was never really possible with more traditional business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. We supply Big Data product specialists who truly understand how to best leverage this emerging technology in the real world.

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Cloud Computing

The world is transforming the way it runs and builds platforms. Scalability and availability are integral in today’s technological arena and Cloud Engineering is now becoming an imperative part of this. The delivery of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more – all over the Internet. We are involved in multiple projects working at the bleeding edge of this ground-breaking technology – quite simply the sky is the limit!

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Functional Programming

With the recent shift in the technology community, Functional Programming is a red hot topic and will continue to be so into the foreseeable future.

We already have a large client base that invests heavily in this area. Our clients are specifically interested in Scala, Haskell, F#, OCaml, Clojure and Erlang.

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We work with some of the most prestigious Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Proprietary Trading firms and Investment Banks around the world. We are always in search of Traders with a proven track record of making money and experience in all the asset classes. We look for individuals with expertise in systematic trading strategies, Long-Short Derivatives trading, ETF’s and Market Makers.

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Quant Research / Data Science

As QR becomes more commonplace within organisations globally, the need for statisticians and data scientists is increasing. Businesses need people who can handle the increasingly large amounts of information available to make more strategic decisions. At Stanford Black we are always on the look out for analytics experts and have worked hard to build a strong candidate pool in this area.

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We work closely with real contributors to the Opensource community. This is key to our success in sourcing the most elite technologists in the world. On a daily basis we are working with candidates for whom technology is their life and so are pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. Our candidates are always looking to work with the latest technological breakthroughs.

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Project & Program Management

We have helped hire hundreds of IT & Technology professionals within the Project Management, Programme Management and Business Analysis arena including Change Management, across a variety of industry sectors and at various levels and budgetary responsibility. Some of the sectors we have helped hire Project Managers, Programme Managers and Business Analysts for include Retail & eCommerce, Financial Services, Insurance, Oil and Gas, IT & Software, Consultancy, Public sector, Travel & Utilities.

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