We are working with a hugely ambitious and industry-leading eCommerce firm at the beginning of a hugely strategic growth project.


This company is looking to leverage the recent success they have achieved through acquisitions and extensive new business ventures to enable further growth.


They are currently looking for a Development Lead as well as a number of Senior Engineers to build various key aspects of their growing technology ecosystem which comprises a flagship PaaS product as well as various complementary services. The key to this role will be in building highly scalable transactional services to enable the millions of daily transactions flowing through this platform and leveraging a mixture of .Net Core, AWS/Azure and Kafka to name a few.


  • Good experience with C# historically and more recently .Net Core.
  • Solid understanding of building systems at scale and ideally in a cloud-based environment utilising Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Good experience developing systems with very large data sets and ideally with a real-time element.


  • Highly performing technology firm with genuine scope and ambition for progress.
  • Constant exposure to client-facing data products which will directly affect the company’s future success.

For more information, do not hesitate to get in contact via Samuel.Haydon@stanfordblack.com