A Leading Investment Bank is building out a new arm of the company, a digital banking Startup. is currently the highest funded project in London and will rival recent success stories in this space such as Monzo and Starling Bank when it is up and running.

You will be joining a collaborative team that plans to make a significant investment into the future of their technology by building cloud-native systems and applications in AWS. You will be working in a Java Tribe building the core infrastructure to delivering their digital products and will be able to contribute towards the technical direction due to the Startup nature. There is a massive emphasis on Agile Engineering from the CTO downwards, where collaboration, open discussions and best practices lie at the forefront of every solution.


  • Strong background and interest in a JVM language such as Java/Scala/Kotlin.
  • Understanding of distributed systems and cloud technologies like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
  • Understanding of AOP and dependency injection frameworks like Spring / SpringBoot, Guice, etc.
  • Drives Agile and ‘best practices’, as well as valuing clean and extremely well-tested code.
  • A highly numerate person with a passion for the advancement of technology and a Startup company.
  • Comfortable exploring, manipulating, combining, and authoring datasets.


  • Market Leading compensation for permanent positions + competitive bonuses.
  • Strong appreciation for work-life balance with a massive emphasis on culture-driven values.
  • The opportunity to work for what will be the leading Digital Bank with an incredibly passionate pool of Developers.

Please contact Maxwell.Patterson@stanfordblack.com for more information.