We are working with an innovative FinTech firm that strives to find the highest calibre developers to grow with them.


The company prides itself on nurturing a diverse, transparent, and collaborative environment. Additionally, they are extremely active in the wider technology community and seek the people where a passion for technology is at the core of their being


They are looking for the brightest Quant developers to work alongside researchers, finding ways to overcome technical challenges, and building out their platform.

The key concepts revolve around implementing several greenfield notions including trading strategies and building risk analysis tools. Furthermore, this firm implements regular rotation with their teams so developers can gain huge variety in their work.


  • Expertise in computer science at a fundamental level with algorithms, data structures etc
  • Strong proficiency with Python and its scientific ecosystem (NumPy/SciPy/Pandas)
  • Experience on Linux platforms with knowledge of various scripting languages
  • A passion for using collaborative software engineering techniques (agile, TDD, BDD, continuous integration)

Please email Katie.davies@stanfordblack.com  or call 0208 057 9272 for more information.