We are working with a leading Quant Research Firm who are currently heavily investing into their technology space to use some of the latest bleeding edge technology on the market.


 This organisation are growing an area of their business that has underpinned their profitability for the last 10-15 years where they are delivering trading strategies and brand new trading platforms while using some of the delivering novel trading strategies alongside brand new trading platforms.


This organisation is looking for Senior Engineers who have a passion for clean code and best practices while working with some of the latest technology on the market. You will be coming into a group which focuses on its Low Latency engineering and be responsible for improving a business-critical investment systems.


  • Expert levels of experience in C#, C++, Java, or any other modern programming languages.
  • Outstanding Computer Science Fundamentals e.g., data structures and algorithms.


  • One of the most competitive compensation structures in London.
  • Working with an organisation that is known for it’s tech first approach and does not view the technology it uses as a cost centre.

Please email chris.roberts@stanfordblack.com or call 0208 057 9265 for more information.