Technologists in this team are responsible for the tooling that underpins multiple aspects of the Strats space.


  • Support high-performance applications deployed across multiple locations
  • Work in tandem with development team, from a Build and Release Management perspective
  • Expand support scripting including housekeeping, deployment, backups and improving platform monitoring and alerting
  • Own and improve development tools stack


  • Developing within or supporting development running on Unix/Linux platforms
  • Python/Bash, C++
  • Software Development Life Cycle tools (e.g. TeamCity and Bitbucket), infrastructure monitoring platforms (e.g. Geneos), database and caching technologies (e.g. MySQL or Redis), container solutions (e.g. Docker) and Linux (or Windows) system administration


  • Senior position with corresponding salary packages
  • Industry-leading benefits packages, amongst the highest in the city
  • Flexible working environments

Please contact Samad@stanfordblack.com for more information.