A Gartner-award winning tech start-up has secured financial backing from one of the world’s leading hedge funds. Their ingenious, highly-distributed core product piqued the interest of major players in finance and technology, having already built a client portfolio that companies ten-times their size would be envious of. They’re now looking to build out an engineering group consisting of top-class Cloud and DevOps engineers.


The successful candidate needs to be well-versed in DevOps/Cloud technologies including AWS, Docker or Kubernetes and Jenkins and comfortable building CI/CD pipelines. You’ll be involved with all aspects from network infrastructure to cloud architecture and deployment; from system hardware to test automation and even software development if you desire. Experience in any of these areas will be looked upon particularly favourably.


Please contact Seb.Coughlin@Stanfordblack.com or call 0208 057 9260 for more information.