We have a fantastic opportunity for hardcore passionate technologists who embrace all aspects of technology and are always open to experimenting with new things.

Company –

This company are at the bleeding edge of technology and look to leverage any and everything that can improve the performance of their systems. Their primary focus at this time is to enable seamless internal and external connectivity via entirely novel APIs across the whole firm.

Role –

You will be working on purely greenfield projects to provide cutting edge and high performance solutions for their core engineering team. The team are comprised of some of the most innovative and charismatic technologists in the market with a thirst for finding efficient and groundbreaking solutions. You will work in this exceptional environment to build a completely brand new platform hosted across public cloud instances and microservices with no attachment to existing legacy systems.

Requirements –

  • Strong experience with any OOP or FP language and an open mind to learning anything new.
  • Experience of writing highly performant, robust and clean code for all manner of distributed and concurrent systems.
  • Not just the strong knowledge of computer science but also a genuine passion for exploring the intricacies of technology.

Benefits –

  • Flexible and highly stimulating environment
  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous holiday allowance

Please contact Samuel.Haydon@Stanfordblack.com or call 0208 057 9260 for more information.