A global-leader in Digital Transformation is building out a brand-new, Agile-evangelistic team. This team will become the core of engineering excellence, sitting in the centre of the firm where they’ll be changing the face of technology from an Agile, testing and engineering perspective, working closely with the best technologists of the teams they work with. It could even be thought of as a highly-Agile tech start-up within the firm, where you’ll be working alongside some of the greatest Agile technologists across a variety of industries.

Java development experience is essential, as is experience working in a highly Agile team. You should be a keen advocate of engineering best practices including test-driven development and be keen to work in a highly-collaborative environment. Experience designing and building applications into a cloud-based/Microservices architecture will give you a significant advantage over other candidates, whilst a history of experimenting with different technologies and a naturally inquisitive personality will also be looked upon very favourably.

Please contact Seb.Coughlin@Stanfordblack.com or call 0208 057 9260 for more information.