Lead Distributed Systems developer role working on the core infrastructure of one of the most influential systems within the financial domain.


Join one of the most powerful and successful financial companies in the world. With an ever growing market my client are aiming revolutionise the face of trading technology in finance by capitalising on new state of the art languages to solve complex pricing, risk and trading problems. Their aim is to build the number one system on the street for speed and efficiency in calculating optimal trading and risk points from 1000’s of terabytes of data.


Want to work on a system that calculates whether billions of $’s of trades are worth the risk? My client are looking for a distributed systems expert to join the core engineering group who are responsible for building one of the most successful systems ever built within the financial domain. You will be working with some of the top technologists in the city to tackle some of the hardest problems in the industry on a system that underpins absolutely everything.


  • Python, Java, C++
  • Grid computing/ distributed systems/  Event Driven Design
  • Agile – TDD, BDD, DDD
  • Core Compsci fundamentals

Please contact George.Cox@StanfordBlack.com for more information