My client is the most profitable Proprietary Trading firms, per capita, in London right now. This year, they are creating a brand-new multi-asset systematic trading platform, from scratch. Everything is completely greenfield, using cutting-edge cloud-based distributed technologies. This a quantitative research and technology house who want to revolutionize the way technology is used in trading. Their ambition in the next few years is to be known as the best technical trading firm in London, whilst investing multi-millions into their on-site Innovation Lab where they are exploring and assessing all the newest opensource technologies. You would be working in a very small specialized Agile team which is responsible for most of the new core technology innovation. In terms of remuneration, the package is literally unparalleled by anyone else in the market.

The ideal candidate will at minimum have experience in the following areas:

SOA, Microservices, Kafka, SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, Spark, Java, Scala, Kubernetes

Please contact or call 0208 057 9260 for more information.